A day with the boy

Today was a fun day. I spent it with Ashton; just the two of us. London had a full schedule today and Taylor took her to her various activities while I was on Ashton duty. First stop, cello class. Since my Saturday morning classes haven’t begun yet, I get to take Ashton to his. Since we knew London and Taylor would be busy, Ashton told me he wanted to go to Sea World. I don’t often spend time with just him. He always seems to be clamoring for attention, but the way he goes about it mostly just annoys me (and moreso London). Usually he just wants someone to play with him. So today when he had my full attention, we had a great time! He got to do whatever he wanted and see which ever attractions he wanted to see. There was no fighting about who wanted to do what. We had a great time. The Sea World app has a fun little scavenger hunt. You have to collect 20 badges around the park. Once you are done, you get a free ice cream bar! I tried to convince Ashton that he wanted to ride Manta, the rollercoaster. He has never been tall enough, but I was sure that he had grown just enough. I was right, but he didn’t want to ride. After a few hours of doing other things, he changed his mind and told me he would ride it with me. He was pretty nervous, but he went and loved it! Me too! We were also lucky enough to be close by during the dolphin interaction. The trainers get into the pool with the dolphins and bring them close to the wall where we were standing. I got to touch the dolphin (Ashton didn’t want to) and Ashton made the dolphin wave to him. He thought it was pretty cool. It was. We had a great time. I think I need to spend more one-on-one time with my children. I love it and they love it.