Santa Cruz

I wrote this journal entry 3 weeks ago while we were on our vacation, driving down the coast.

“Polish eloquence [except I'm pretty sure he said 'elegance' not 'eloquence'] is not an oxymoron,” the seemingly homeless man told me as I was leaving the Taco Bell in Santa Cruz. “You have no idea how many deals I just made in the time you guys have been here,” he said. I'm sure I don't want to know. He told us all about how he raised twin boys. Then his story changed to triplets later. And he also had a younger son who now is on a swimming scholarship at Yale and is almost as fast as Michael Phelps. It was quite an interesting conversation. I may have been more than a bit neurotic when I took my kids to the bathroom there and didn't let them touch anything. This particular Taco Bell had its fair share of homeless tweakers (and at least one woman looking for a boyfriend). It was an interesting lunch, to say the least and now I know where not to eat the next time we’re in Santa Cruz. 

We went on a cruise to Mexico last week (more on that later). The kids flew up to Sacramento for a week with my family while we were gone. We drove to Sacramento as soon as we docked. We spent a few days there and then went to San Francisco where we stayed with some good friends in Walnut Creek. We left this morning to drive down the coast. Our first stop was Mission San Jose. London was very excited to be there since that is the mission she had to research for her 4th grade mission project. After we finished at the mission, we headed to Santa Cruz. Since we're going all the way to Morro Bay along the coast today, we didn't stay there long, but we were sure to stop at Steamer Lane and watch the crazy surfers for a few minutes. Usually surfing isn't so exciting to watch. Today it was. The waves were really big and the surfers were tearing it up. It was quite the spectacle. Today will consist of deriving though Big Sur, something we have been wanting to do for a long time. 

P.S. I just saw a pig crossing sign in Monterey.

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