Rain Versus Running

I checked the hourly forecast at midnight last night, just before I went to sleep. There was an 80% chance of rain at 6 a.m. When my alarm sounded  at 5:30, I didn’t hear rain. I peeked out the window and checked the hourly forecast again, hoping I could stay in bed. It didn’t look like it would rain much in the next hour or so, so I dragged myself out of bed and changed into my running clothes. I was lacing up my shoes at 5:55 and I could see that the rain had started. As I sat there trying to decide if I should go, I got a text from one of my running buddies that she wasn’t going. I took my shoes off, changed back into my pajamas, and crawled back into bed. Fifteen minutes passed and I was still awake. I thought about how I hadn’t heard from our other running buddy. Maybe she was out on the hill alone. It wasn’t raining anymore and I realized that I wouldn’t be sleeping anymore, so I got up and changed again, this time with determination to go. Again, as I was tying my shoes, running buddy #2 sent a text saying that she had been there waiting in her car and went home when she decided nobody was going to show up. I walked my tired body outside and immediately felt rejuvenated by the fresh air. I was excited to be outside on the wet ground. As I headed up the steep hill behind my house, it began to sprinkle. I stood under a tree for a minute, trying to decide if I should head back home, but I was already there, I was already a bit wet, and I didn’t think it would get much worse. So I started running. The hill that we run is pretty long, so we only run up the very top portion. Then we walk down and run up again, six times. I made it up the first time, so happy that I was there. There was a rainbow and the clouds were gorgeous.

A couple more times up and down the hill and I was feeling great. But soon I saw a dark grey cloud above me. It continued to sprinkle, but by the 4th time up the hill, it was really raining. When it was time to run up the 5th time, I was really wet. I again thought about retreating, but I pushed forward. It couldn’t get much worse, or so I thought. Up again two more times. These times it was pouring and the wind was blowing it all in my face as I was running up the hill. And then hail. I got to the top for the 6th time, completely soaked and cold. I turned around to run back down the hill to my warm home, and the hail was pelting me on the back of my cold neck. But I kept running. It was the fastest way home. I skipped out of our extra loops. I just wanted a warm shower. I was glad to be done.

I’m glad I went. It felt great to get out in the rain. Would I do it again if I knew the outcome? Not likely.