Homemade Ice Cream

It’s been hot here lately. Like really hot. It’s always my goal to leave the air conditioner off until July. Sometimes we make it. I haven’t switched it on yet, but I’ve been tempted. The last few days, it has been in the 90s. It cools off into the 50s at night, but our house has been pretty warm. I thought it would be the perfect time to make some homemade ice cream. So after church, I whipped up a batch of a regular vanilla custard base, but I decided to try a couple of different flavors and I kind of made things up as I went along. For the first one, I added a bit of peppermint extract and at the end of the churning, I threw in some smashed up mint Oreos. It was a grand combination. But I decided to leave mint out of half of the mixture so I could try something different. I made some lemon curd the other day and I also had some raspberries. That sounded like a lovely combination, but I felt like it might need something to offset the tangy fruit flavor. I mixed up some browned butter ginger snaps. Once cooled, I crushed some up and added them to the ice cream nearing the end of the churning process, along with the raspberries and lemon curd. I was not disappointed and I’m sure I’ll be making this concoction again as I’m sure we have many hot days ahead of us. I’m excited to come up with more yummy ice cream flavors this summer and put my new ice cream maker to the test!