London was complaining about a stomach ache this morning when everybody else was eating breakfast. She decided she could eat oatmeal, so I made some for her. I added some brown sugar (as is always requested) and of course it wasn’t enough. It never is. And then I added some milk. But apparently I added too much milk. So now she sits, stirring her oatmeal, but not really eating it. And at least she’s not complaining loudly (which is really kind of strange). But she is complaining about how she can’t even taste the oatmeal. She can only taste the milk, when in reality, it’s the brown sugar she really wants to taste. She couldn’t care less about the taste of the actual oatmeal. Nice.

Update: She's now eating the oatmeal and has apologized for the way she acted, and asked me to make her a smoothie. Also, there was no yelling involved. Progress, folks. That's lots of progress. For both of us.