Taylor took the car to work because he’s sick. I thought that it would give me an excuse to get things done around here, but instead, I sit here feeling overwhelmed. I guess it would help if I just got started. But here’s the rundown. I need a shower and today that includes washing my hair, which also means I have to actually DO something to it when I get out. I need to clean all three bathrooms, which should be done at the time of showering, at least for one of the bathrooms. All floors need vacuuming and downstairs needs to be mopped. Bad. I have two sets of curtains that are hanging, but both need to be hemmed and have needed to be hemmed for months. But I’m out of good thread and I’m not about to use crappy thread again, which might possibly send me to the loony bin, but I can’t go to the store to get any because the car is gone. So there’s one less thing I have to do. Of course I should throw in a load of laundry. And then there’s the kitchen. I don’t know what to do with the kitchen. I bought some stuff to strip the paint off of the horrible wood edging on our tile counter tops. I’ve had the stuff for months, but I haven’t had the time (or motivation) to actually use it. Maybe today is the day. But maybe not. A couple of days ago, London jumped up on the counter to grab a plate. She knows that’s not allowed, but whatever. As she was up there, Ashton opened the door below her to get a cup out and didn’t close it. When she jumped down, she came down on the door, right between her legs, and broke the door completely off of the cabinet, pulling the hinge out of the cabinet. Lovely. I didn’t get mad (on the outside). She was upset (and hurt!) and felt really bad. I just made sure she was okay and told her that cabinets can be fixed. But in reality, now I just really want new cabinets. I almost think it’s not even worth the time and energy to fix because it looks so bad anyway. But it’s not in the budget for new cabinets anytime soon and just thinking about doing a job of that magnitude makes my head spin. My next thought is maybe we could just replace the lower cabinets. They’re the ones in really bad shape. And I could just strip and re-paint the upper cabinets. But maybe not. And those counter tops…too much. I’ll just ignore it all for another day. Maybe it will all just go away.