Long Weekend

I feel like we’re still just wrapping up the weekend, but here it is, Wednesday night! It seems as though we can’t keep from staying busy. This last week was no exception. Our weekend was packed full of fun. We started out Saturday morning with a trip to Donut Bar. It’s always fun to go on weekends with the kids when they can get their free kids donut. This was our last free Saturday morning before youth symphony starts up, so we wanted to make sure we got our donut fix. After donuts, we stopped in at the zoo, hoping to catch a glimpse of the new baby gorilla, but we missed him this time. We were home before 11 and somehow I was motivated to purge. I cleaned out my closet and my fabric closet, but that was just the beginning. Once I got going, there was no stopping me! Soon enough, we had the whole car packed with stuff to donate. I don’t think I have purged that much stuff ever. It feels great!

Saturday night, we had an old roommate of mine (Annie) and her husband and adorable almost-2-year-old daughter over for dinner. They were in town on vacation. It was so much fun to see her and meet her family! It’s been a long time since we have seen each other. She was my roommate my very first semester at Ricks College. We were both turning 19 on the same day, less than a week after I moved in. 

On Friday evening, Taylor’s dad called to see if London and I would want to use some tickets he bought to see “Wicked”. He knew that London had wanted to see it. He had purchased some tickets for the 8th of February, thinking he purchased them for the 8th of March. So he had these two tickets that he couldn’t use and wanted to know if we would want to use them for the upcoming Sunday matinee. I accepted (yay!) and London and I took a trip to Hollywood to the Pantages Theater two days later. We had a grand time. London was in heaven. She was so excited to see the show, but to see it in Hollywood was even more exciting for her. On the way home, she told me that if she never went to Disneyland again, she would be happy, as long as she could see another show like that. I really had a nice day with her and I’m so glad we were able to have that time together.

Taylor had to work on Monday, but the kids were out of school, so I took them to Sea World. That was a surprise for them as well, so when I told them we were going, there was much excitement. It was a great day to go. The weather was perfect and the crowds were minimal. We were able to see and do the things we wanted without any stress. And now that the weekend is over, it looks like it’s time to gear up for another.