Today was a rough one for London. Somehow, when she has hard days, we all have hard days. They had a substitute for the last half of the day and when that happens, the class becomes out of control, and London can’t handle the chaos. She and her teacher have worked through things and she has learned what to do and her teacher knows what her limits are. When somebody new is pulled in and can’t control the class in the same way, London has a hard time using some of the coping skills (such as leaving the classroom for a few minutes) because the substitutes don’t understand the limits. There’s really nobody at fault, however, I feel like I should maybe talk with her teacher about allowing London to not be there when there are substitutes. I could get her work and we could do it at home. To make matters worse today, London got up and left the classroom because she was overwhelmed (because that’s her coping strategy), Because she did that, apparently the sub didn’t let them go to P.E., which meant the whole class blamed London for that. And the boy who she can’t get along with anyway followed her around, taunting her for the rest of the day (which is absolutely not okay). I’m not sure of the whole situation, but from what I gathered from London, they did go run, so they must have had P.E. after all. In any case, as they were walking around the field, London was chatting with her friends. She tends to talk A LOT! In this instance, she mentioned to the teacher how she had a hard time running fast because she couldn’t breathe well and her throat hurt (probably because she refuses to actually exercise) and the teacher just snapped at her, saying something along the lines of maybe if she wasn’t talking so much, she would be okay. Of course this made her upset as well. Now, I know London is partly to blame. We had a nice, long talk about keeping our noses out of other people’s business, even if that meant our friends would get in trouble. But the fact of the matter is, London is not the same as other kids. She cannot handle the chaos that comes with having a substitute teacher. It pushes her over the edge, and then it pushes me over the edge. School is such a drag.